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The premise of Cloud computing is generally known as the service that keeps me from owning the potential down-time. I want it robust, scale-able, secure and always available wherever I am. My Email, my company’s data, even my desktop. I need it all available and ready for me and my team, reliably everyday.

You go to the market of cloud computer offerings, you sort by price and you pick a name you recognize. The underlying expectation is that the service will be impeccable, the offering won’t change and this decision won’t need to be made again. After all, you have a business to run. Changes to the plan are not only unexpected, they are unwelcome.

Hurdle #1: Cloud-to-Market Strategy

To a conglomerate cloud provider, the customer is not usually the first thing considered. A conglomerate cloud provider has to consider shareholders, profit margins, investor backings, government incentives, etc… Do any of these sound like a value to you, the hard-working business owner, about to take your business forward with a faceless organization swayed by stock points?

What if your decision to move to the Cloud was established with a dedicated business strategist that has your ambitions in mind and advocates accordingly?

Hurdle #2: Experience vs. Product

If you look backwards through the catalog of modern cloud services providers products, you’ll notice something striking. The advancement of their existing product (software or hardware) is the driving force behind their Cloud strategy. These industry giants are giving their Cloud platform away as a “halo-product” with the intent to move their highest margin products. This would be a great value if it weren’t your business at stake. How long before that generosity is axed for a new giveaway? How long before the shareholders demand something new, and your benefits are cut off? What happens when the needle moves? And, will your voice be heard?

What if your cloud-hosted business were in the hands of a service-first company? A company that focuses on the jockey, not the horse? The best experience is one that you don’t feel. Effortless access, no interruptions and exceedingly great support, quick and resolute.

Hurdle #3: Fit and Finish

As a business owner, you want a solution that will fit your needs and allow for scale. Reviewing today’s current offerings of Cloud Hosted Services reveal a calculable approach to figuring out what it is you need. 1: How many do you want 2: How much power do you need and 3: How do you want to pay. This approach forces buyers to manipulate their needs to fit a budget. The consequence is a price-to-value degradation. You got the price to say what you want, but now what are you left with? And for how long? This effort isn’t confidence inspiring. It guarantees you’re either under-fit or over-paying.

What if your cloud solutions provider presented good, better, best options circled around your budget and goal? Would the end-result leave you confident in your decision?

CodeBlue Technology has always been a Service-First organization and we guarantee expert sizing, budgeting and forecasting for your business technology decisions. We do this through consultation and partnership. We offer locally owned and operated Cloud Solutions, centrally located in Ashland, VA. If you’re ready for a customer-centric experience, we’d love the opportunity to serve.

Our staff of Solution Advocates are grateful to guide anyone through this decision and sourcing process. Please contact us today at 804–521–7660 or

This Blog is written by Michael Bergamo — Senior Technologist and Brand Advocate at CodeBlue Technology.

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