What i learned from a 75 year old man today-Part 2

Sorry for keeping you guys on the couch for a long to share my takeaways from a brief conversation that took place between me & the old-young man yesterday.

The talk ended on the note where the old-young man said positively with a charm in his eyes “Don’t forget where you came from” which kept me thinking for a long time during the drive to my office but finally i caught the bee from the hive!

Let me quickly wrap this up into three simple take-away i learned from that old-young man

  1. Being healthy is the biggest asset for us over material milestones in life.No matter what you are or bank scorecard is if you are not healthy & mentally fit you are living a life with the glass half empty!
  2. Be in the present,We being an X-gen are too busy meandering back & front in past & future, checking our smartphones for a useless IM message but we forget the biggest gift given to us from god “Being present” When was the last time you enjoyed the rain, the rainbow, the smell of a wet sand?
  3. Don’t forget where you came from.This is one of the most appealing advice i have received which explicitly says “Don’t forget your roots” many people have forgotten these days about what is our duty as a human being, What brings us happiness, How we can add more value to our society?

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