Moonhack In New Zealand

Did you know that Moonhack is being kicked off here in New Zealand before the rest of the world gets a chance to experience it? This is a wonderful opportunity for New Zealand to showcase our renowned Kiwi ingenuity to the rest of the world!

Moonhack has set a goal of over 100,000 kids being involved in the day’s event. Here in New Zealand we are setting a goal for 5,000 kiwi kids to be a part of this world record!

We are calling on the teachers, principals, parents, librarians and kids of New Zealand to join us in this record setting event on 15 August. Learn more and register at

Please note, the suggested Moonhack age is 8–18. However, it is in the opinion of this writer that 5,6 and 7 year olds can be challenged to join in on the fun!

Helping New Zealand get Coding — Tom

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Code Club Aotearoa is a Charitable Trust focused on helping New Zealand prepare for a changing digital world by helping New Zealand get Coding. With in classroom and after school clubs all over the country students are exposed to great projects in a fun, safe and collaborative environment.