Shows to watch during the holiday


Fargo Is a true crime story about a small town turf war between the Gerhardt family and the Kansas city mafia, there’s a lot of characters to focus on but none of them are necessarily a protagonist except you count the Sheriff, a stubborn, fearless former army officer who served during the war in Vietnam.

The fact that a real life occurrence was used to address issues relevant and important to humanity made Fargo 2 not only a movie with fascinating dialogues but also a journey back in time for the viewer, Fargo 2 explores race, feminism, power and bureaucracy without making irredeemable changes to the true story that inspired it.

The savagery of human conscience was laid bare and the brutality is not for the faint hearted, O’Hanzee Dent an Indian serving as a muscle for the Gerhadt family was a character that fascinates me each time I think of his actions, I’ll leave this still picture below to serve as a warning, when you eventually find time to watch it, you might have answers but let’s be clear on one thing, humanity corrupts us all one way or the other and O’hanzee was one hell of a story for humanity.

Pet or food, O’hanzee had deccided.

Love can be toxic, it makes simple things complicated and as much as you want to pity Ed Blumquist a butcher whom wanted to protect and satisfy his lover, you need to ask yourself where does it begin or end, are you hiding a body because you love someone or are you doing it because you have always allowed the fact that they are supposedly above your dating range guide the principles and activities of the relationship? Well Peggy Blumquist, the blond beautiful hairdresser partner of Ed will have you rethinking the philosophy of your relationship.

Yeah, he was going through a time, he got kidnapped by an Hairdresser.

War changes your perception and regard for human life, if you have killed more than once, especially on orders of a superior, Apparently you will still have to battle with your conscience and whatever the outcome, living your life with the memory of taking another person’s life haunts you, it affects your philosophy, the people around you and definitely your perception of reality, there’s a scene where Lou Solverson’s father inlaw amuses himself with the following thought during a dialogue: “Different now though, after WWII, we went 6 years without a murder here, 6 years, and these days well… sometimes I wonder if you boys didn’t bring the war home with ya”

11, with a middle finger each from the twins.

Fargo is an FX series and has been renewed for a new season starring Maharsha Ali, I want you to watch Fargo 2 because it’s a beautifully written series, and the visuals is as impressive as the cast, you deserve to see the good stuff on tv, Fargo 2 aired in 2015 and was written by Noah Hawley.