Road To Code: Jennifer Cheng

Jennifer Cheng

Today we’re shining the spotlight on our soon-to-be CodeCore alum Jennifer Cheng!

Name: Jennifer Cheng

Life Before CodeCore: UBC Computer Science Student

Her Road To Development: Jennifer first found out about CodeCore several years ago when we did a small Ruby workshop at Harbour Centre, but it wasn’t until May 2017 when she joined us full time. Back then, she was testing the waters of higher education (as many of us did), and she wasn’t quite set on what she wanted to be or what she loved doing. However, Jennifer eventually found her calling in computer science, and after doing a couple of introductory courses, she went all in. Post graduation, Jennifer took a couple more courses related to databases at BCIT, but ultimately decided she wanted to concentrate on coding. That’s when she remembered that workshop at Harbour Centre she took all those years ago.

Looking back at her time at CodeCore, Jennifer found that her technical background gave her a leg up during class and that it was easier to apply the theories and frameworks from her undergrad when paired with hands-on labs. Her tips for future bootcamp students include capitalizing on the community and networks you make during class, practicing as much as you can, and to just TRY (Even if it might not work, at least you’ll be learning!).

What Is She Building: Based off her love of animals, Jennifer created a web app called Hello Pets!. It is an application that helps connects those with pets (dogs, cats, and birds for now) with other pet owner so that they can meet for playdates. Non-pet owners are also welcome to sign up for the app and connect with the community. Users post photos and messages, and other members can respond in the comments. In addition, Jennifer has also incorporated a separate section dedicated to showcasing animals that are up for adoption by the BC SPCA to draw attention to animals in need. This application is being built using Ruby on Rails and AJAX on the back-end; HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap on the front-end; PostgreSQL for the database; and also utilizes the Google Maps API.

Connect with her at our upcoming Demo Day Thursday, July 13!


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