Testimonies from Trafficking Survivors

Jinja, Uganda

While in High School I had big dreams of becoming a doctor. My grandmother recalled, “When my son died of HIV/AIDS in 1998, he left me with Tracy. What a loving granddaughter she was, she was just a few years away from joining college, she was all set to become a doctor.” However, all those dreams came crashing down when I opened up a facebook account and posted my pictures. I was approached by strangers, I got hundreds of proposals from different men who wanted to date me, but she I particularly interested in a one: Omar from U.A.E. He was handsome and looked so rich. Cutting the long story short, I ran away after being promised heaven on earth. With forged travel documents I ended up in Dubai. On my arrival, my “identity” was changed. Before I knew anything I was forced into a brothel. Some days I could sleep with up to 10 men. I was never paid or allowed contact with the outside world. I was often beaten, forced onto drugs and contraceptives. By some extraordinary chance, one of my clients who felt empathy for me and helped me escape and make contact with the network run by Volunteers for Ugandan girls trafficked to U.A.E.

The NGO Rape Hurts Foundation did all it could in its powers to help me get back home and be united with my family. Last month after selling 28 BioSand Water Filters, this same NGO raised enough money to pay for the legal processes and air ticket to get me back home. Yesterday I finally got back to Uganda after 6yrs in modern day slavery. After 6yrs of threats, humiliation forced to have sex with strangers, all sorts of abuse, I have been rescued and am starting my life again with Rape Hurts Foundation Center.

I now will begin my journey of healing and recovery. I have survived the unimaginable. There are hundreds of thousands of Ugandan girls like me trapped in modern-day slavery within U.A.E.



Organisations working on fighting trafficking and/or sexual exploitation

  1. URICT — Uganda
  2. Progressive Development for All Foundation (PDFAF)
  3. Amigoz for Humanity (A4H)
  4. Golden Care Organization
  5. Uganda Police