Code Kingdoms partners with Code Club

We are very excited to announce our recent partnership with Code Club to help us bring programming to as many kids as possible. We have a shared aim of giving kids the opportunity to code and ensuring they have engaging tools with which to learn.

Code Club connects volunteers with groups of 9–11 year old kids to learn programming through their specially written projects. Their volunteers, who come from all walks of life, from professional software developers through to parents who have taught themselves the basics of coding, are running 2455 clubs teaching over 34, 000 kids!

We have worked with Code Club to create special projects using Code Kingdoms which are available for volunteers to use in their after school coding sessions. Alongside our Teacher and Dashboard guides, there are two Puzzle Packs to help people work through the Code Kingdoms projects. We will add to these resources regularly so kids and volunteers have lots of new materials to work with.

Rik Cross, Head of Education at Code Club, describes how the work of our two organisations complements each other:
“Code Kingdoms is a focussed, fun environment for children to learn and develop computational thinking and core programming skills. The ‘Create Mode’ allows children to devise challenges for their friends to solve. This reinforces core features of the Code Club curriculum, such as creativity, problem solving and collaboration.”

Code Club are always looking for more volunteers to establish clubs and give even more kids the opportunity to learn how to code. If you are interested in starting a club, you can find out how on their website.

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