Love At First (New York Tech) Meetup

Bestow and Trek Medics Q&A

I have anxiety when I go on blind dates or to any other arranged event without knowing what to expect. This was also the first time I would be be attending an event of this sort as a dev, how would it differ from the polite geeking out I’m used to at I.T. conferences. Would I have to stand around a room nursing a craft beer while having stilted conversations with strangers about what we were working on? Would they be able to tell my ‘beer’ was secretly ginger ale? Thankfully, the answer to both questions is no.

The event was a series of presentation of products soon to be live or currently available. There were quite a few altruistic minded apps that inspired me to continue building out my top secret app plans. My two favorites of the night were Bestow and MindMate. Bestow, allows you to donate spare change of from purchases to the charity of your choice, track donations, and get monthly tiding statements for tax purposes. And MindMate is a quality of life three tier application for individuals with dementia and those managing their care.

I left feeling jazzed about the meaningful conversations and tentative connections I took part in during the meetup tonight. NYTM and I had great chemistry and will definitely go on 2nd date.

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