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Code to Inspire is a new non-profit initiative for women in Afghanistan that helps them get involved in entrepreneurship and technological innovation.

The Problem

There is a significant gender gap in Afghanistan. While many in western society marvel at all of the technological accomplishments of the present day, women in Afghanistan in particular are at a competitive disadvantage — stereotyped and oppressed into roles of the days of old.

The Solution

We have a significant outreach program underway where we invite women in Afghanistan to our programming labs and teach them how to code. In addition to this, we also mentor them and instruct them on the tenants of entrepreneurship so that should they choose to do so, they can leverage web technologies to build their own businesses.

In addition to this, we also instruct on how to leverage existing job marketplaces so that they can potentially freelance and develop for the web as a contractor or employee, virtually, anywhere in the world. This affords them the opportunity to possibly earn much more than the local regional wages in Afghanistan and effectively change their lives for the better.

We Need Your Support

Code to Inspire is committed to educating female students in Afghanistan by taking a data driven approach and improving their technical literacy by teaching them how to code so they can support themselves and their families — but we can’t do this without your support.

Please help support women in Afghanistan learning to code so they can support themselves and their families. Please help us support financial independence and gender equality.

We would greatly appreciate you visiting our website and making a donation to help support these efforts!

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