2017 — My personal goals

First off, I don’t fully share the 2016 was the worst year ever so 2017 has to be better. I know that a lot of things last year where really bad and potentially could point into a dark era ahead of us anyway. Though personally I feel 2016 was a good year.

I became a dad 😍, started to build a house 🏡, got to know new friends, work at a awesome company and more. I did not reach all my personal goals last year. I also didn’t follow them too much as I knew the year is about to be a crazy and stressful one. But for 2017 I have some goals I want to share publicly for two reasons.

  1. If I have them written down, I will be accountable for them by the end of the year. I will be able to see what I reached, and where I didn’t follow up.
  2. A big goal of mine will have to do about sharing publicly what I do, so it may help others.

Some personal goals:

  • Be a good dad. To be a dad is something one needs to earn. You’re not a dad just because a kid is born, but you have to give your best every day and become a good dad overtime.
  • Get back into training. I was really bad in training last year. A lot was on my plate and I didn’t had the time and motivation to follow up. This will change this year.
  • Finish the house. We started strong, we have to finish even stronger. Want to move in by the end of march.
  • Work focus on specific technologies, and master it for real!
  • Share knowledge again. I taught at university the last few years, but didn’t follow up on this in 2016. Therefor I want to be stronger in writing blog posts again.

The last point is also one big reason why I share this publicly. I hope that some people can find what I do, share and write useful. So I also aim for speaking at at least 2 conferences this year.

Having the great wife and family I have, I feel very fortunate and able to reach those goals. Also knowing that my company (Codeship ❤) will support me on this journey.

Let 2017 begin… for real.