Does Gamification Change Consumer Behaviour? (Part — 1)

There are a lot of theories on consumer behaviour. But, how farther have these theories been put to use? In reality, tracking the consumer behavioural pattern is one of the trickiest parts in the business puzzle. It is quite uncertain to predict, as there are a lot of distractions like peer pressure, external influence, etc. Being notified as the decision-making phenomenon that are driven by choices, consumer behaviour is now being approached with a distinct perspective, called gamification. Experts say, “Inviting this method into the business will give a detailed view of consumer behaviour with a larger scope of tracking and analysing it with reliable data.” So, it’s time to keep the momentum of gamification rolling!

What is gamification and what are its benefits?

Gamification is not just a technique, but a mindset that has the potential to change the nature of your business with engagement mechanics. Otherwise, in simple terms, gamification is a process of combining the positive traits and key attributes of gaming application for a non-gaming context to engage people.


· Engagement mechanics of gamification helps in building a stronger and broader consumer network.

· It helps to influence the behaviour of your consumer through rewards system.

· It also helps in boosting consumer attention and retention.

The 3 Key Aspects of Gamification

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The following 3 aspects are the reflections of human psychology while gaming. Hence, these elements are combined together in gamification to track the customer behavioural pattern.

Game Design: Defines how and why gaming technique has found its way to drive consumer attention and engagement to businesses.

Game Mechanics: Elaborates on how the gaming technique works and what are the major influential elements that help in understanding the consumer behaviour.

Game Dynamics: Tailored with human emotions and needs to change the consumer behavioural pattern by creating a positive and motivating environment. (To Be Continued…)