Microservices in Java? Never.
Elliot Forbes

Comparing SpringBoot which is an everything but the kitchen sink framework to GO doesn’t make sense. SpringBoot was designed to be Java’s answer to Ruby frameworks. Not to GO. This is an Apples to Oranges comparison.

Personally we use spring boot for some microservices since RAM is dirt cheap and our services are a bit more coarse but if you want something that just does parsing it’s truly an overkill and any small framework will do. You can easily run a JVM with a micro framework in 64mb of RAM which would be more equivalent to what go offers. Java offers a lot of control over RAM using the -X JVM arguments that allow you to limit allocations and tune GC effectively. Notice that Xmx doesn’t correspond to the full RAM needed as you will also need permgen and VM overhead but you can still tune RAM to be very competitive with GO.

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