The new Codename One Maven build makes building native mobile and desktop apps trivial… It’s also free and open source to boot!

We can get started by opening

Where we select the package name for our app. This is very important as it can’t be changed once the app is submitted to a store!

We work with Hibernate/JPA. I like it. But I totally get the people who hate it with a vengeance like this guy. There are other guys such as Vlad Mihalcea whose absolutely brilliant with Hibernate but honestly just reading some of his posts gives me a migraine… We usually pick Hibernate to avoid the pain…

I think there are several core problems with Hibernate and they all boil down to people being overly “clever” with it.

You Must Know and look at the SQL

If you pick Hibernate to avoid the SQL then you made a big mistake. This will be the point where your performance and reliability…

A couple of thoughts about the ARM announcement that I didn’t see mentioned by all the pundits.

iPad Pro could be a Mac

Hackers might be able to get Mac OS on an iPad pro. It isn’t ideal since the RAM is pretty low on the iPad but having a small touch screen based mac I can take to conferences can be a game changer for developers and well worth the money. If enough people do that it might finally convince Apple to offer an option like that.

The Real Reason there were no Benchmarks

A lot of pundits seized the fact that Apple didn’t show any benchmarks as evidence that Apple is…

Yes it’s in the bundle…

I try not to use this space for promotions but this one makes a lot of sense. Learn to Code with Me released its 2019 programming course bundle.

It’s more than 4k USD worth of courses for 199USD (early bird) or 239USD for 5 days… Our courses are also listed in the bundle so if you were thinking about it please use this link.

Luckily we have the Web Version

When we released Codename One 6.0 we mentioned that Codename One build is going through the approval process on iOS. We didn’t mention that this was a process where Apple repeatedly rejected us and we had to appeal over and over again.

We wanted to have a native app because they look/feel slightly better. We also wanted native in-app-purchase as an alternative to PayPal. But it seems Apple won’t allow a native app to do basic things that a web app can easily pull off on its platform.

For iOS we had to hide the fact that builds can exist…

A few years ago a consultant convinced us to integrate Intercom into our website. In retrospect this was a mistake which I’ll discuss in more depth below. We migrated away from Intercom last month. That was a great decision!
If you still use Intercom I suggest you take a long look at some of the fresh competition.

We moved to Crisp which is more affordable and a superior product.

But let’s start by itemizing what is so bad about Intercom.


A loyal customer/employee is crucial for business growth and success. A key to loyalty is being loyal to begin with…

I wanted the interior of my upcoming book to look as good or even better than top of the line publishers. But the default look from asciidoctor was lacking. I then discovered the ultimate/unexpected typesetting tool: Sketch!

Sketch isn’t designed for printing, but the result is absolutely stunning when compared side by side to the output from asciidoctor. If you want to check out the full PDFs I have preview chapters at the end of the article and you can compare the results side by side.

First I’ll start with the end result so you’ll understand my motivation for doing…

Over the weekend we migrated a huge amount of code to the new build servers. In this post, I’ll try to cover three separate things. I’ll explain the architecture/history and process of the migration. What worked, what didn’t work and lessons learned. And finally how this will impact Codename One users moving forward.

I hope this will be interesting to the general public of non-Codename One users as a success story of moving off App Engine (and similar PaaS) especially following our horrible experiences with app engine.

I’ll start with a bit of history to explain the background and motivations…

Last year I launched Codename One Academy and asked our community what they would like to learn as part of a survey. The response was was overwhelmingly how to build an app like Uber. At first I thought about creating something in the style of Uber but I eventually settled on building something that looks really close to how the native app looks. Almost a clone in some regards. My motivation was:

  • I wanted the design to look professional and you can’t go wrong with a design from a top tier vendor
  • People can learn a lot by understanding the…

Previous Revision of our Developer guide from Amazon

I thought desktop publishing was a “solved problem” but it seems that it’s pretty far from it. When I worked for Sun Microsystems our tech writer would just “magically” compose the final document from our work. When I worked for other companies we mostly wrote internal documentation and used Word. However, with Codename One I had to pick all of that up and I learned how bad things are in the real world.

In this article I’d like to describe our toolchain, lessons learned and how we do our docs as a large heavily documented open source project. There are…

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