Lets blame the Situation or the Person?

Screw-ups are common. Like they silently coexist in our “Perfect World”. But whenever any screwup happens, it leaves a question behind. Is it the situation that should be blamed or the person?

Our instinctive feeling is to blame the person for the shit that just happened, but the reality that we miss in the heat of situation, is the fact that the same person has performed brilliantly in some other situation or other aspects of life. They are not failures in their own life, like you treat them right now. If not many, a few actually back them, calling heroes in their lives.

The other side of the coin is, by this I mean what the person thinks, lets blame this fucking situation. It’s just not the right moment or a bad phase of my life. They can backup this by adding “Nothing seems to be working these days when it comes to support. My family, my partner and even this fucking hairstyle, everyone seems to behave on their own, like I don’t even exist.”.

Then there is reality. It could be called a fluke but I somewhere believe it. Its never about situation or a person but people around who push you into things. Nobody likes to be blamed, I get defensive when blamed. But in process of handling the situation we ignore the people who have put you into shitty ugly situation. If those would have been proactive this would have never even happened.

Then there are blame games.

You did this and you didn’t do this. Everyone has their own versions about how you could have handled the situation but no one showed up at the time of action, when all of this was happening. The ones behind the mess, comes out to be clean and wise.

Honestly, what makes us human is our mistakes. We live and deal with them. Let’s not blame people for the goof ups but simply respect for the balls they showed while dealing it.

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