Codepad’s Spring Updates and Improvements

After the first round of tests we got plenty of useful feedback and suggestions from you. We spent the last month working out those kinks and are ready to share a few new features and fixes with you.


Now you can create playgrounds where you can live preview code snippets (HTML, CSS, JS). It’s a useful feature if you want to save a group of snippets and see the result of snippet combinations. We have plans to extend this feature with more options in the coming months.

Here is an example.

Manage Collaborators (Team)

We received a lot of requests for this feature. Now you can add people to see and save snippets in your private collections.

Click “Edit” to manage people.

You can create a collection for your team and save snippets to be visible only for your team. Drop us an email if you want more functionality here!

Extended Search

Codepad has many snippets and we extended search options to make them even easier to find.

Dropdown search.

Now you can search by language to be sure that you find the right result.

Notification Page

We have rewritten the notification feature. The change includes a page where you will find details about activity on Codepad.


It’s a helpful way to follow friend activity in our social network.

Move Collections

Yes, you can rearrange collections on your page using drag and drop.

Drag collections.

Put the must important collections first!

Order/Rearrange Snippets and Collections

You can rearrange snippets and collections to see the most popular or newest snippets from users.

Other Improvements and UX

  1. The last used language or collection will be saved for next use.
  2. Changed “New snippet” icon to a button with text.
  3. Improved comments section.
  4. Improved like function.
  5. Improved the “views” count.
  6. Improved the algorithm for popular snippets.
  7. Improved the users profile.
  8. Added changelog page.
  9. See what snippets/collections are private or public, added icons for this.
  10. Improved developers page.
  11. Other minor fixes.

Your Opinion

We need help from you. If you have other ideas or discover a bug, drop us an email using the contact form!

(We love to receive emails!)


Codepad Team.

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