Remote Working — What has been a trend to ensure the competitive advantage of tomorrow, suddenly has become vital to most organizations today.

To quickly establish structures and policies to support effective remote work will be critical in the coming months as many organizations need to transform to remote workplaces during the 2019/20 coronavirus pandemic. This comes with challenges and yet also with the opportunity to arrive at the future of work much faster than expected.

Remote work is the future of work and will provide a competitive advantage as it increases the access to talent through (a) becoming a more attractive employer and (b) the flexibility to hire globally. According to the recent annual future workforce report by Upwork, more than a third of the surveyed managers expect their workforce to work predominantly remotely in the next 10 years. …

Using data science to optimize and detect issues in wind energy generation

Onshore wind turbines have been ranked the most impactful alternative energy source in reducing carbon emissions by the research non-profit Project Drawdown. Their estimate of a 84.6-GT reduction in equivalent CO2 from onshore wind by 2050 is based on published adoption trajectory projections, assuming an ambitious yet plausible adoption scenario. The energy industry accounts for the majority of global greenhouse gas emissions.

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Figure 1: Installed net power generation capacity in Germany 2002–2019.

Germany has historically been particularly progressive in renewable energy adoption. However, non-renewable fossil fuels still represent around 40% of total German power capacity (figure 1).

Description of the data

We were supplied with data from a wind park in Germany with 17 wind turbines, each with over 60 sensors, taking continuous recordings for up to 2 months. The turbines have unscheduled downtimes; i.e., periods when the wind is blowing but no energy is being produced. The business problems were highlighted through a client workshop, from which we developed the following use-cases. …

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This year Codepan attended the Climathon as a team to see how we can apply our technical expertise and develop, in under 24hrs, a viable, future-focused product for a more sustainable future.

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The Climathon, as the name suggests, is a climate-focused hackathon, run annually by EIT Climate-KIC, a European knowledge and innovation community, working towards a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society founded on a circular, zero-carbon economy. It takes place simultaneously in over 100 cities worldwide. With over 5000 participants seeking to develop tangible solutions for local problems, it is the largest hackathon of its kind.

The problem?

As the climate changes, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. How can we use open or crowd-sourced data, bypassing data silos, to better understand and build early-warning systems for these events? …



We are digital architects and technology pioneers driving the sustainability revolution [Berlin, DE] www.codepan.com

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