A big thanks to our community for continued support and participation. We have added more languages and updated language versions.

Functional Languages for the Web

Are you used to working within the JavaScript ecosystem or are you looking for a safer way to program? We have recently added some new statically typed functional languages that are worth taking a look at.


A strongly-typed functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript



A delightful language for reliable web apps. Generate JavaScript with great performance and no runtime exceptions.



Reason lets you write simple, fast and quality type safe code while leveraging both the JavaScript & OCaml ecosystems. …

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We are pleased to announce that we have recently replaced our code execution engine with our 3rd generation code runner engine. The new engine has been completely redesigned from the ground up to perform better, have improved stability, and be more flexible in order to handle the constant changing set of languages and dependencies that are required to keep you on top of your game.

Along with this new release, we are also releasing a number of updates that come with the new engine.

New Languages

New Languages

For about a month now we have been running some new languages in beta that we want to officially announce.


For those interesting in cryptocurrencies (and you should be, it’s the future!) we have added Solidity to the platform. Solidity is a language used by Ethereum and other blockchains to develop smart contracts. If you don’t know what smart contracts are, check them out — we think they are pretty great.

There are already a few kata available, built just for Solidity, that will help you start to get your feet wet. Check these out:

There have been a number of new additions on Codewars that we would like to announce…

New Languages

We have launched a number of new languages to the platform recently, thanks to some great contributions from the community. These languages are in beta and are looking for translators. Kata authors, some of these are a great opportunity to play around with new kata ideas!


R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. Some users have already began to translate R for existing challenges. …

Today we are announcing updates to the honor point system. The honor system will continue to work as you know it, but the points earned for certain activities have been changed to better reward code warriors who create and complete harder kata on the site. These updates are meant to encourage more code warriors to attempt harder kata, which will help kata get out of beta faster. As harder kata move out of beta faster, the more likely that kata authors (sensei) will focus on creating more challenging kata.

What Changed?

Honor values have shifted

In general, you now earn more honor for many of the activities on the site. Some activities have seen a small bump in the honor that you receive for doing them, while others have received a 5–10x increase to better represent their importance. A good example is creating and completing kata. Previously you only received 10 honor for completing a purple belt kata. …

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For years Codewars has been helping developers all around the world improve their craft. Regardless of your level of coding experience, Codewars has something to help you train on. As the site becomes more popular, we want to not only continue to serve the community but also continue to provide new and exciting features. As part of this mission, we are introducing a new premium subscription plan — Codewars Red.

While Codewars will always provide a free experience for everyone, Codewars Red will provide additional new features and benefits to code warriors who want to take their training to the next level. …

Just a quick note. Some of you might notice that your honor jumped up recently. This will be in large part due to the following corrected issue that was recently released.

If you have translated a kata before, some of the points that you earned for those translations may have been recently lost. We have now corrected the issue and you will receive all of your points for translations that have been approved, as well as 1 honor point for each kumite and translation fork that you have published.

Codewars has just released a new set of testing helpers to make writing and testing SQL kata even easier. Before we get into how these helpers make it easy to author kata, lets check out some of the additional benefits they provide to those training on the kata.

Expected Results

There is a new compare_with helper which takes in an example result set to compare the code warrior’s query against. This has a number of benefits, including presenting the code warrior with a 2nd table that shows the expected results output.

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No need trying to guess what the results should look like, now you can see the expected output!


You may have also noticed in the above screenshot that there are 2 chart tabs. Another feature of the compare_with helper is that you can define charts to help visualize the data. Currently we support a timeseries chart type, and will be adding more later. …

We are happy to announce that SQL is now a supported language on the Codewars platform. We currently support two different SQL environments: SQLite3 and Postgres, with MariaDB support coming later.

Unit testing isn’t usually done on pure SQL queries and there were not any SQL testing frameworks for us to use. Because of this, SQL required us to do something we have never done before — use one language to test another. Our solution: use Ruby, RSpec and the Sequel ORM as the testing platform. It works by having the solution be pure SQL, but that code gets executed in a Ruby/Rspec environment using Sequel to work with the database. This allows a lot of flexibility. You can use Ruby to populate the database with any data that you want and set up various testing scenarios. …



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