A 6 year old girl’s smart take on computers and programming.

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Coding for long has been in the boy zone.

We asked this question to 15 parents with daughters aged 5–15.

“What do you teach your daughter?”

The answers were sewing , reading , patience , science , ballet , piano , Spanish , singing.

We asked a similar question to parents with sons aged 5–15.

“What do you teach your son?”

The answers were math , football , kickboxing , programming , logic , puzzles.

I am not going to go into the details of why that is. All i want to say is girls can code and break the stereotype.

Sharliz , a 6 year old girl tells us that she loves coding.

Her coding curriculum includes

  1. Coding Palz — coding books for kids

2. Hopscotch — a gaming platform

3. Hour of code

Sharliz made a summary of her learning. She loves programming and hopes to become a Software architect.

Lets get more girls excited about coding.

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