Travel for Grub and more

I am blessed to say that I am traveling abroad for a period of three weeks. While I am excited, I must take this time to appreciate all the moments that lead up to this possible vacation.

Looking back, graduating college lead many possibilities. Shall I go straight to the work force, shall I do research? Endless thoughts poured like rain and flooded my mind as I walked back from my graduation to my apartment. That night, I pulled up my school provided email, and started promoting myself to all my teachers, and hoping for a reply. I received two emails that morning. “Would you like to do research?” Said each email. And so it was set.

September came, and each of the research opportunities had come to their respective close, and like the weather in the Bay area, I was impacted by the fog. A fog of indecisiveness, but I knew I wanted to live in the SF area. And so I moved there, smack dab in the middle.

Tenderloin turned out to be a great location to go anywhere else, and save a buck while your at it if you don’t mind the atmosphere. While the endless sirens outside made for sleepless nights, the apartment was fair at best and made due to travel about to eat, explore museums and parks, and apply for work.

Flash foward two years and Im working at a startup in the San mateo area, and moved to burlingame to accomidate for the commute. Though farther than the city, it is much more pleasent. Pricewise, lets not go there, but it made me understand something. People appear to be goal-oreinted, and as long as we hold on to achieving those goals, we move forward with our life. Its been a rough journey since college, but Im glad that commiting to your goals really gives a sense of acheivement, and this one is for me.

We spend a good deal woring about will we find work, or will we solve our rent issues, but when all is said and done, living in constant pressure of the immediate issues and not the future really scopes our future. I wish this type of thinking could be applied everywhere, but I know that is not true.

I lost my friend Song Sok, and he too imagined traveling about, working hard for his family, and making a difference. Buddy, I am here to say that I too am living out this dream and will keep doing so in your honor. Thank you for being my rock of hope. Thank you for allowing me to not be stuck in this bog of thoughts, but to take action upon my words, and seem them through. Though tomorrow will begin my journey (of mostly seeking out new food), it is also a nice pause in life and thank those that help you get to where you are now.

Cheers Song & cheers readers, this post is for you.