Open letter to a guy who wrote an open letter to the mayor of San Francisco about homelessness
Jim Gavin

I thought I was going to like this piece but found it to be just as cruel as the last open letter.

It’s one thing to have empathy for those who are going through hard times and another to routinely tolerate violence and self destruction in your neighborhood.

Every major city has residents who are homeless and have mental illness issues. SF has them in a way that is deeply fucked. Anyone who lives there or travels there has stories that are unlike any other city.

You can point the finger at any institution for this reality but it’s here and it seems fair for any person who lives in the city to vent. You can’t have empathy for that frustration? Someone who is feeling powerless in their own neighborhood.

You could, but instead you do all you can to make someone you never met, feel like shit. And then reveal in the comments that YOU DON’T EVEN LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO.

They don’t move the needle in a big way but neighborhood connection and charities are fine causes. It’s fine to encourage someone to take them up but the way in which , “Jim”, goes about doing that, makes me think he deeply enjoys the smell of his own farts.

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