Cody, greetings my friend.
Michael DeGuzman

Hey Michael thanks for the questions. I’m on my phone now so will do the best I can.

  1. I would just avoid declaring Int or String because it allows you to change things fairly easy. However it helps you know what is what feel free to still explicitly define them, the important thing is you understand what is going on. In the real world though, you probably would opt for the less verbose route.
  2. Any loop can replace any loop in most cases. For loops tend to be used quite often because they are great for lists or collections of data. While loops tend to be used more when you want to keep doing something until something prevents that. So they are useful for getting user input from the terminal. Again though, do what makes sense to you. Having knowledge that these all exist is the important part.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any followup questions! ☺

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