Defining a New Category in Water

Cody Friesen
Jan 5, 2018 · 2 min read

At Zero Mass Water, we make exactly one product: SOURCE Hydropanels. That’s right, Hydropanels. This term is meant to capture that SOURCE uses special solar panels that take sunlight and air and produce water, independent of all infrastructure. So no wires or pipes going in, and only a single tube filled with safe, delicious drinking water leading out, right to your tap.

We make only one product. And While SOURCE Hydropanels are a new category for water technology, the perfected, digital water that SOURCE produces sets a new standard for the water you drink: a whole new way of thinking about water independence and quality.

It has taken a world class team of scientists and engineers years to develop the technology behind SOURCE. It was no small feat to generate water ultra efficiently, even under low humidity conditions. It took materials scientists, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, embedded software/hardware engineers, data scientists, and computational fluid dynamicists to create this technology. But that was just the beginning.

We had one profound purpose, to fundamentally change the human relationship to water. And realized that we had an opportunity to create the world’s first perfected water. The fact that we start with a completely clean slate, essentially pure distilled water from the air, means we can curate the water to have exactly the minerals, pH, and taste that is ideal, and simply don’t put into the water what isn’t ideal. This meant hiring chemists to perform elemental analysis on the top bottled water brands in the world to understand what in those bottles gave them particular taste and mouthfeel. We probably have one of the most extensive libraries of the stuff in bottled water, including the really nasty stuff. We then brought on water quality experts, and chemical engineers who could create the mineral cartridges that would result in the optimal water composition and taste.

Once we developed the technology that produced safe water with the perfect mouthfeel and taste profile for SOURCE, we then developed technology that ensures it stays perfected. Inside every SOURCE is a system that ozonates the stored water, keeping it healthy until it gets to you. And since every SOURCE panel is data-connected, we know, and you know through your SOURCE app, that the water is perfect in real-time.

SOURCE is the world’s first and only Hydropanel, but it is far more than that. SOURCE also creates a new category of perfected water. Water that is limitless, optimized for taste and health, kept that way by advanced on-board technology, and digital in your knowledge of its perfection.

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