Your Own Water, Made by Sunlight

We have a bold vision at Zero Mass Water: perfecting water for every person in every place. If that sounds audacious to you, well, it is. But we’re getting there, one SOURCE hydropanel array at a time. Today, we’re excited to announce that SOURCE is now available nationwide.

It’s easy to think access to clean, safe water is a problem confined to developing countries. But even in the US, there are issues with aging infrastructure and a lack of transparency around the quality of water you drink (do you know if your water has traces of lead? Or carcinogens?). And if you’ve ever visited or flown over desert cities like Las Vegas — or even Los Angeles — you see first-hand the threat of water scarcity. Our consumption of water bottles has skyrocketed, despite studies showing high levels of toxicity in the plastics — not to mention the environmental cost of the discarded bottles.

While these truths feel scary, we don’t think they have to be. In fact, we’re optimistic. We believe that drinking water should be an unlimited resource. We believe that people can be water independent, just like they are with the air they breathe.

That’s why a team of the world’s leading engineers and scientists dedicated years to building a way for anyone, almost anywhere, to make drinking water. Our product, SOURCE, is the culmination of years of research, testing, and an audacious, enduring vision.

SOURCE gives you the power to create the highest-quality, most delicious water — simply by combining sunlight and air. No pipes, no contaminants, a great taste, and a significant reduction in drinking water costs.

The magic of SOURCE

Here’s how it works, at a high level. SOURCE hydropanels capture water vapor out of the air with the power of the sun to create pure water. It’s stored in an onboard reservoir, where we add minerals like calcium and magnesium to make the water healthy and delicious. Then the water is delivered straight to your tap or refrigerator, ready to drink. As long as the sun is out, SOURCE is working, and a two-panel array produces up to a case of water per day — plenty of drinking water for the average family.

Arrays are sized based on the climate, and location on the planet. And, for example, a two-panel array removes over 70,000 plastic bottles in its lifetime.

Over the past few years, we’ve been deploying SOURCE around the world. In the last year alone, we have installed SOURCE on three continents and in eight countries — in homes, schools, offices, community centers, and health care facilities, for people in Los Angeles and New York, to the deserts of Mexico, the arid cities of Jordan, and on islands in the Philippines.

We’re excited that anyone in the US who desires the highest-quality water can now make it themselves. For more details on how to purchase and install your very own SOURCE, please visit our website.

And let us know what you think — of the product itself, and how it feels when it’s in your home, keeping you hydrated and healthy. We’d love to see pictures of your SOURCE, so post on our Facebook or Twitter.