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Welcome to my Blog about Lifting, Nutrition, and Recovery

I started this blog to share some of the things I have learned over the years through education and experience, perhaps even inspiring and motivating a few people in doing so.

My background is military, where I served as a Rifleman (Infantry) and completed two deployments. It was a great life that I enjoyed immensely, however, the time came to focus on my young family, so I gave the grunt life away in exchange for a health and fitness education. I sort out the most knowledgeable education facility I could find and got to work with the end result I became a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Certified in Sports Supplements, and Certified in Youth Training. Embracing my new life and education, I felt a satisfaction I hadn’t had in years. My sport now is Powerlifting. I made the transition from competing in MMA to Powerlifting through finding a love for the sport during our strength and conditioning training. Getting knocked about while I was a grunt and the consistent niggling injuries of training and competing in MMA took it’s toll on my body, so I stepped away. Well, I only stepped away after having spine surgery, so you could say that was a career ending injury.

One door closes, another one opens as the saying goes, and goes it did. Now I have well positioned myself to spend great quality time with my family, help people become educated about their health, and meet some really awesome people along the way. To meet my new goals I have set for myself, in regards to my sport, I am enjoying applying all my knowledge to my training and diet, and then just walk that competition road to see where I end up in Powerlifting.

Contact Me anytime you feel like. I am available on email, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, so feel free to ask my anything you’d like to know. I respond to everyone who contacts me and I follow back on Instagram and Twitter.

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