Disposable emails: Do you use them? Do you block them? Here’s what I’d like to see.

Don’t be like this form (unless it’s necessary).


  • Go to System Settings > Window Management > Window Rules > New..
  • Under Window class (application) choose Regular Expression from the drop down and enter .* in the input.
  • Click the Appearance & Fixes tab. Enable the No titlebar and frame option. Select Force from the drop down click the Yes radio option.

Window matching settings

How to hide application window titlebars in KDE plasma 5
1. Add “Description” and “Window class > Regular Expression”

Appearance & Fixes



What I’ve learned from supporting my customers

Cody Reichert

I build assertible.com, simplyrets.com, identibyte.com, and other stuff! Into good code, interaction design, and books :D

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