Terrorist bombing in Somalia; a hard blow in the fight against terrorism.

On Saturday, the 14th of October, Somalia’s capital city Mogadishu was plagued by a massive double-truck bombing that has amassed: 277 lives, 300+ injured and 100+ missing according to CNN. This is the largest attack in the countries recent memory since the 2007 insurgence of the Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabab or the “Party of the Youth” in English. While the group has had close ties with Al-Queda some have flittered with the idea of becoming part of ISIS. At any rate, the culprit for this attack has not been discovered. President Mohamed Abdullahi , in the early after math of the bombing had this to say on Twitter “Today’s horrific attack proves our enemy would stop nothing to cause our people pain and suffering. Lets unite against terror.” President Adbullahi additionally proclaimed the event to be done by the hands of Al-Shabab who are known for quickly claiming responsibility for their attacks but have not done so thus far .

A country that has had political turmoil spanning over 25 years, the optimism of a better future has always hung by a thread. Islamic terrorism is an existential threat to any and everyone who oppose it. While the rubble, scorched bodies and injured lay in the after math of this horrific attack on humanity, we, as people of the free world have to take on events like this with the utmost concern. While news of terrorism in the African continent may come as little surprise for some, the frequency of its occurrence across Europe should.

In America, the tendency toward terrorist attacks have been schadenfreude and cynicism. Having been rather lucky with the issue of terrorism, beside the fateful day of September 11th, the mission to vanquish those who wish our extinction has fallen by the way side.

The free nations of the world need to unite under the banner of humanity. To unite in their shared love for all that democracy has gifted so many lives and to protect this invaluable gift at all cost. War is not something anyone likes to do, especially when the expense of both capital and human lives are at stake but at what point do we as the free nations of the world put our foot down? Letting the cards fall where they may must not be the dominating attitude if we wish to be safe in the coming decades while this problem remains active. It will not evaporate like a water puddle on a summer’s day nor vanish if we just close our eyes and hope it’s gone when we open them. 9/11 happened 16 years ago but the principal it echoes remains relevant; if you ignore the world’s problems, it will eventually find a way to greet you. Europe has already become unsettlingly acquainted and Africa all too familiar.

For fear this warning call may fall on deaf ears, I say with all feasible conviction this plea and reminder to my fellow Americans as Douglas Murray did in 2006 “ The big thing that needs to happen at the moment is that Europeans wake up but that Americans don’t give up on Europe.” And continued to conclude with a quote told to Churchill by the American ambassador after a meeting on Americas much need aid in the war effort 
 “for where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God. Even to the end”

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