Living in the Shadow of the Cross of Christ

Today we take a look at the cross of Jesus Christ. We askt he question what is the cross? The cross is simply an object. An object used by the Romans in ancient culture to torture criminals. The cross was an effort to publicly shame those who hung on it and the cross was ultimately a method to carry out the punishment of death against criminals. So in short, the cross is death. In the time of the Romans the cross was a symbol for death, punishment, and shame.

The cross, in its original context was never meant to be a symbol of hope, but how do we see the cross today? For most of us we look at what was once a symbol of fear and see it as a symbol of hope. We look at what was once a symbol of death and we see it now as a symbol of life. This life to death shift is very biblical and one of the things that is interesting concerning this topic is that this is a cultural shift. As a culture we have taken a symbol of death and changed it to a symbol of life. The meaning of the cross has been changed, and thus the meaning of death has been changed.

With that in mind I invite you to consider this thought as you go through your day. Is what we think of as death really life? The scriptures call us to die to ourselves so that we may live with Christ. Jesus says that he has come so that we may live life to the fullest, and when we take these two concepts and unite them we contend that life to the fullest can only be experienced when we die. When we die. When we take up our cross. We take up our symbol of fear, punishment, and death. When we crucify our wants, needs, desires, and goals then we can truly live in the mindset of Christ. We can truly treat people with authentic love that can only come from God because it is easier to see the needs of others when we stop looking to the needs of ourselves, but you see that is it. True life requires death to be experienced.

One thing that continues to blow my mind as I think about this more and more is the people who have been there. The people who have pursued their own desires, who have lived the “American” dream, the people who have lived their lives to the fullest. All of those people get to the end and what really mattered to them wasn’t any of the amazing things they did, but what mattered to them was the people. The people they lived with, the people they lost, the people they wish they had more time with. We are all called to look to others needs, and when you consider that when we stop fighting God and allow him to change our hearts then we are really getting what we always wanted but never knew we did. When we die to ourselves so that we may truly love people with the love of God then the big events in our lives will shift from parties, promotions, and popularity to quality time, acts of service, and patient kindness to those who need it. You see we are all called to live in the shadow of the cross, but will we?

Thank you for taking the time to read this article I hope something was said in it that impacted you. If anything I said impacted you and you would like to talk with me about it please leave me a comment or hit me up on twitter @codyb0531. Thank you for your time I know it is valuable to you.

In Christ,

Cody Ballard

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