3 reasons why you should do all your Christmas shopping at the Coexist Winter Shop

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away, so if like me you’re starting to panic about where you’re going to get all your gifts, and the thought of braving the crowds in Broadmead fills you with terror, fret no more! Here are three reasons why the Coexist Winter Shop can provide you with the most fun, relaxing, and consumer conscious Christmas shopping experience in Bristol.

  1. The Winter Shop is full to the brim with unique, hand-made gifts that you won’t find anywhere else in Bristol.

In fact, our humble shop can proudly lay claim to stocking the highest proportion of goods made by independent designers, makers and crafts people in the city. The work of at least 130 producers is on sale, ranging from badges and kitchenware to art prints, cards, woodwork and clothing. Where else are you going to buy a Walking Terror Robot? Or a glass buttock sculpture? Oh, and by buying from the shop, you’ll not only be supporting a community of local artists and designers, you’ll also be supporting a social enterprise that is (still, just about!) helping to run one of the most vital community spaces in the city.

2. Art, art, everywhere!

Bristol is already world renowned for its art scene and the Winter Shop aims to reflect that. Inside, you’ll find a wide range of framed artworks from some of the finest artists in the city. You’ll find original prints from Hamilton House studio holders that have featured in some of this year’s exhibitions, as well as one off-pieces from local street artists. We’ve got a whole room full of them in fact.

3. All the displays are hand-made too

Not only is all the artwork unique, all the display stands, cabinets and shelves are too. In fact, almost all of the displays are made out of refashioned furniture, doors, skateboards, bike handlebars, sledges, tree branches and more, which our shop manager Gem constructs by hand to fit whatever stock we have in. It’s practically a work of art in itself. And did I mention that the shop also has grass floor, with snow on it?

The Coexist Winter Shop is open up until the 12th January. Open 9am to 8.30pm Mondays to Fridays and 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

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