Reflecting the city we live in: BRISTOL — An Exhibition

A new exhibition by a group of Hamilton House residents hopes to express the range of feelings that Bristol evokes, as well as the challenges it may face in the future.

At a time of sustained uncertainty regarding the future of Stokes Croft, with both Hamilton House and The Carriage Works potentially undergoing massive refurbishment in the coming years, it’s no surprise that local residents are contemplating what the implications of these changes will be on both the immediate and wider communities of Bristol.

A collection of artists based in our very own Hamilton House have used this uncertainty as a starting point for their upcoming group exhibition, aptly titled after the city itself.

It will showcase a variety of works from an eclectic group of artists, designers and makers, each contemplating the various feelings, memories and people that make up their collective experience of Bristol, as well as issues that it may face for the future.

In organiser Marija Staneviciute’s words: ‘It is an important insight and message to the public, showcasing what has happened in the past, is happening now and how these changes are going to affect the future of the city.’

Take a look below to see some samples of work that will be featured, and be sure to join us for the opening night later on this evening (Thurs 13th July 6PM).

Two alternative tourist posters by collective design practice Water Melon, highlighting the range of abandoned sites that define Bristol’s urban centre.
A piece by multidisciplinary artist Alex Small exploring the ongoing affordable housing crisis Bristol faces.