The Bid Is In!

The Coexist team has submitted our bid to buy Hamilton House from Connolly & Callaghan

Cover image: Emma Burleigh, ‘Hamilton Honeycomb’

Late night meetings. Sleepless nights. Hours of overtime. And a whole lot of delirium. But we’ve finally done it. You might have heard in the news already but we thought we’d better tell you about it ourselves: On Monday Coexist submitted our formal bid to Connolly & Callaghan (C&C) to buy Hamilton House.

This has been the culmination of a several months’ work, ever since we first heard that C&C were going to remove the Community Asset Lock and potentially sell the building. In the past few months, we’ve been in the process of consulting with our internal and external community, conducting social impact research and doing some pretty intense financial planning.

But our bid wasn’t only a financial document. We used it as an opportunity to reflect on what Coexist has achieved up to now, and also what we could do better. We wanted to be bold and ambitious in our plans, and to imagine what Hamilton House might look like in 5, 10, or 20 years time. The bid includes plans for upgrading the ‘hardware’ of the building — refurbishing the lifts, windows, heating system for example. But we also want to expand the scope of what the building could be by exploring the possibilities of an on-site eco-hostel, developing our partnerships with other local organisations and expanding our co-working space.

We have yet to hear to back from C&C, but if and when the bid is accepted, we will then be launching our Community Share Offer to raise part of the capital, which would ensure that Hamilton House is truly in community hands. Our aim of raising £1.2 million would be one of the most ambitious targets of its kind ever launched.

We’ll be keeping you updated and will let you know as soon as we hear back from C&C. In the meantime, please join the Our Future Facebook group if you haven’t already to keep up with what’s happening. You can also sign up to the newsletter here.

Thanks again for your ongoing support!

In the first week of June, there will also be a public launch of the bid in our exhibition space. More details to follow. Stay tuned!