Summery fun times

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Summer is in full flow…
As usual, let us update you with a few things that have been going on and a few things that are coming up to whet your appetite- including university research, funding awards and job opportunities here at the kitchen.

(Somali Kitchen Event; J3 Library- photo credit: Adam Quarshie)

Who decides what is in your fridge?
We have been having a brilliant few months since the last time you may have feasted your eyes on our newsletter. Recently we have been wrapping up a particularly interesting project that we have done in collaboration with University of Bristol, Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) and Single Parent Action Network (SPAN). ‘Who decides whats in your fridge?’ has been a 2 year project as part of the University’s wider research programme- Productive Margins. We partook in the co-produced project where we considered what regulates people’s food habits. Most recently we worked with a wonderful social artist Anne-Marie Culhane where she curate 2 pop-ups called Shed on Wheels in Knowle West (Taste of Knowle West) and in Easton (Somali Kitchen). For more info have a look at our blog link.

Coexist Community Kitchen Street Food Project
We have been awarded almost £5k to run a pilot programme in conjunction with 1625 Independent People. We will be running a 6 week programme this Autumn where we will work with 16 young people to develop and run a street food market stall. The programme is specifically aimed at working with young people, 16–25 years old, who are in social housing, vulnerably housed or at risk of either. We are really excited about this project and it is so ace to receive this funding to have a go! If it is successful we will look to continuing on the stall in to 2017!

Job Opportunity: Coexist Community Kitchen Coordinator
No, your eyes do not deceive you… our amazing Jo Boswell is moving on to new pastures and so we are looking for a new coordinator to join the team. We are looking for someone who is passionate about food, cooking and people to help run the project- everything from project delivery, event production to laundry. Do you know someone who is interested? Click here for job application.

Yoga Brunches £12-£17 (Super Early Bird Tix until 21st of Aug)
(Sept 18th, Oct 16th, Nov 20th) Click this link to buy yourself a treat
Is there a better way to start your Sunday than with a delicious stretch and a yummy brunch? 
Ease in to your Sunday with an hour long yoga class and then over to the Coexist Community kitchen to munch on a delicious brunch!
We can cater for all vegetarians, vegan and we will have gluten free options! Each time will be a different menu but it will always be a delicious feast after a lovely yoga class… Come join us with friends or come and make new ones!

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Did anything in this newsletter strike a chord with you? Want to hire the space and create a banquet? Fancy coming a long for a team building day with a delicious twist? Know any mini chefs that would like to get involved with what we do?
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Look forward to hearing from you and hope that you are enjoying this Summer sun!
Coexist Community Kitchen Team