After so many years of fighting for an other boss’s projects, I got to fulfill my ambition : Being Freelance! And the best of all is that I come to do what I love!
For several years, I always wanted to be in one of those universes:

- Comic book
- Graphic Design
- Illustration
- Gaming
- Drink environment
Smoothie, Juice, Tea, Coffee … any! And the one I got to have much more fun with is Coffee!

A little story about me:
I was born in France, studying Graphic Design and making my way with a printing company. But after my diploma in hand, I got in London to improve my english. Circumstances got to be that I made a living there. So I fought for every penny I could earn. A year later, I entered Taylor Street Barista where Coffee Universe opened my palette and made me addicted!
I will always be grateful for their training. I got to learn under high pressure and hard moment, but it was genuinely worth it!
As it had to happen, London becoming to expensive kicked me out of the game and I ended up in Norwich, UK!
This is when I decided it was time for me to prove what I was capable of! I already heard too many customers complaining how expensive a coffee bag or drink can be! I want to give it accessible and entertaining again!

My goal with this project is to give to coffee lovers more than just a coffee bean bag! Everybody enjoys art about coffee, cosmetic abilities with the caffeine, a nice presented table set for your guests … and yet it is hard to invest so much for a coffee cup! But why is it ok for a cup of tea then?
This is what I meant! We can bring entertainment again with coffee! Now we are discovering the beauty and complexity of a coffee bean, it would be time to enjoy it even more!

Specialty Coffee Shops are flourishing in London, USA, Sweden, France, … and so many more! Taylor Street Barista showed how powerful this community is today! I was, and still am, amazed by the evolution Coffee has taken! People are fighting for the perfect Cup, people are studying everyday about theory, people are eager to share and spread their knowledge, more & more people are opening their coffee shops because they now that Coffee market will never end!

Maybe it’s time to drop your Nespresso machine or Tassimo! They are out of the business and health of coffee! Get your hands dirty and much more personal! The coffee you drink is the one you made! Nobody will understand and make it better than you!! So show off and impress the people around you! YOU CONTROL YOUR CAFFEINE!!!

is the monthly subscription that will enable you to get into or further into this adventure. You may find the tools for cheap on amazon or ebay! Then get the ingredients from us. We will ground the coffee beans for you if you wish. You can follow our guides or pinterest guides and get started! Oh yes you gonna fail time to time! Even to the professionals as well! They have challenges, diploma, rules to get to do the perfects EVERYTIME! Maybe you would get there faster than any other… who knows!

We, coffee lovers/geek, are always here to help and share the knowledge! Go to a specialty coffee shop, get your palette open, your brain and body will enjoy it even more!


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