How to stand out with personal “flavoring”

The new way to build a personal brand.

Find yourself in a place where you sacrifice routine for chaos. Give yourself a healthy helping of self-made caffeine — adrenaline.

Opt-in on things you doubt, find excitement in pressured situations, and bring along some coffee for a boost. That’s what makes you a #flavorseeker — that’s how you can #chasetheflavor in any situation. Can you keep up?

Find a new recipe for success — with coffee as your secret ingredient.

Mix your playing-hookie self with your 9pm-bedtime self. Let them join forces — meet in the middle to find a perfect balance of crazy, calm, cool, and only sometimes collected. We’ll see you there.

Reach for your mug and hit the streets, hit the gas, or even hit the books — as long as you hit the ground running. It may sound crazy — but that’s the point.


Ready to take first leap of faith? Kick into high gear with a hint of dessert for breakfast in our Banana Foster Flambe Coffee.

Sounds like nonsense? We think not. #NONEEDTOPEEL

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men”

Banana Foster Flambe

The line between necessity and lifestyle should never be clearly defined. Coffee has become a way of life and that’s something no one can disapprove.

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