It’s The Desire to Change, Not The Changes, That Lead to Lasting Success
Benjamin Foley

Benjamin Foley does it again! Do you think no one understands where your at with anxiety? He does and he knows how to walk out.

I smile as I read your words. That dread of the breakdown from the past coming over me again. The night I pulled chunks of my hair out in a hotel room while dry heaving over a toilet. Years ago stress tore me apart, will it happen again? No. Why can I say this so confidently? Because I slowly figured my way out and felt the pain of each day while I suffered and learned. These strategies I learned are as real as the skin on my body. It protects me from ever sinking so deep again. Benjamin, Congrats on passing on this knowledge to others. My hope is to see all come through the pain to a life of success and happiness!

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