Want To Travel To Asia But Can’t Decide Where?

10 Asian cities with kids, there is much to be said. Many similarities but important differences for each traveler to know. It’s up to you to draw the facts. This is a matching game. Below is a link to the game that you should play first. Afterwards come back here to find the answers! Here we go!



A beautiful well organized city with so much to do, to see, to taste. The Oceanside walk was my favorite and out to eat in India town or China town is truly an ethnic experience.

Kuala Lumpar

A surprise oasis at the equator. The greatest surprises included beautiful well groomed parks with lots of outdoor seating, lit water fountain shows, and playgrounds for the kids.


Shocked by the numbers of goats. Goats are brought into the city to use as a sacrifice to their spirits. During certain times of year there seems to be more goats then people.


A face of confusion as signs, directions, and about everything in China was in Mandarin and lost I was!


Shopping, shopping, shopping

Phnom Penh

One of my favorite things about his city are the delicious cheap eats. This city has restaurants from all around the world and being relatively small compared to other cities, they are easier to get to. The prices for exported food are cheaper than other Asian cities.


The quietest most quant cities in Asia are in Laos. Enjoy freedom to explore with a bit less traffic.

Ho Chi Minh

Bring a good book.

Hong Kong

A fusion of East and West, Hong Kong does good to please the westerners while holding to ancient tradition. A city like no other.


Temples, temples, temples. . .welcome to Myanmar. Over the past few years, they are becoming more western with shopping and coffee shops more common these days. But, still an ancient city compared to most Asian cities I’ve toured.

Which of these cities interests you? If you have traveled to one before, what did you notice? Share here as I would love to hear your perspective!

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