What If Your Spring Looked Like This?

Yes, it’s time. Kid’s soccer and school activities may be absorbing your every evening while scheduled work and social events the other evenings but don’t let this Spring pass away from you. According to Psychology Today, Spring is the happiest season for most people. Spring Raises Your Happiness Levels. But, many of us will miss out due to the hectic pace of our lives.

Friends, not this year. The only way to not miss out on the happiness of the Spring Season is through planning and being intentional. The more I read about happiness, success, good relationships, and satisfaction, the more I realize how much depends on one’s thoughts and mindset!

You can choose to accomplish what you want to see in your life but if you give excuses than you miss out on the best for your life.

Here are the top 3 things that bring happiness back:

Relationships Relationships That Will Change Your Life

Getting Outside Taking Work and Play Into Nature

Quiet Time of Reflection The Challenge of Personal Time of Meditation

my-dad A vacation with my dad after having my first baby. These are memories that last forever. Make these kinds of memories with your loved ones this Spring!This can be done near home or across the world. The only problem is that often we intend to vacation but plans don’t seem to come to fruition. We get busy with life and there seems to be many reasons why “we just can’t this weekend because. . . “ But, when we plan ahead, purchase the tickets, lock ourselves into the promise that yes, this weekend is it, we accomplish what we know is best for us. Let’s set the time for rest, family, nature, and quiet that we need in order to be refreshed for a purposeful energetic life that we desire!

Today, I would like to share with you what has worked for me and my busy family.

4 Suggestions To Commit Yourself To Refreshing Spring Plans

Choose friends that will keep you accountable to a getaway and with whom your family is compatible. There are these friends out there. Our favorite travel buddies are friends that have WAY too many kids like us! They are use to the chaos and are laid back people. We travel together and can take turns watching kids so the other gets a break. The kids entertain each other, increasing their happiness, and decreasing the sibling arguments.

Pick a location on your bucket list and make reservations today. Once you have a weekend picked, put your money down first. This assures that the busyness of life doesn’t steal the time you need.

Start putting money aside now. Cutback to just 3 Starbuck’s coffee’s a day:) Save as a family so that all are involved in preparation.

Don’t just choose one vacation but plan mini vacations too. I know many people who regret the busyness of their lives and the opportunities missed to spend time together as a family. Don’t let that be you. Find once a month activities that are doable. Here are some suggestions:

3 Activities Near You

A picnic Saturday Afternoon Picnic

Museum Near You

kids-with-bombs Our museum experiences in Cambodia are a little different than the Science Museum of Oklahoma! 3. Hotel Alone: We all know that family vacation or visiting grandma is often busier and less restful than an evening at home. We have to take care of ourselves and assure that we get the alone time we need. Here in Asia, I will occasionally book a hotel alone for one night. I choose one not so far from home but one that does not have a TV. I leave the iPhone and computer at home and hold an old Nokia in case of emergencies and spend time in quiet, in prayer, allowing my brain to work through whatever busyness has accumulated. I believe all people need this time alone. Please let me know how you find time alone.

Where are you going to spend time this Spring? Do you also fear the season may fly be with the pace of your hectic life? Please comment and share so we can all have the happiness this Spring can bring!

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