What the hell is Coffi?

Coffi is an app for creatives and tech people to find and offer jobs in a very simple way all over the world. Especially in the tech and creative department no resumés and long cover letters are needed because the most important things are stated in your profile and the portfolio speaks for itself.

Get a Profile: No resumé, only the most important information and the skills (Photoshop, Adobe, HTML etc.) that you have and links to your website are needed.

Search for Jobs or People: Enter a city and the app shows you jobs in your surrounding. You can also search for skills of the users you want.

Post a job: If you have a free spot in your company, post it, you don’t need a job description, only a very short summary, skills that are demanded, salary range and the benefits that you offer (home office, flexible working hours, dogs allowed etc.)

Chat: Instead of a cover letter there is the chat: if you’re interested in a job, start a conversation with the contact person, ask your questions, you get to know each other through the conversation and when it fits your chat partner will invite you to a Coffi.

Have a Coffi: Instead of the job interview there’s the Coffi. Meet each other in a casual atmosphere like a café or park to avoid the stiff situation of a usual job interview.

If you want to test the app click here!