Does my life need another app ?

Or do I need to stay more connected to the world around me?

Heard this was a great source of musing and finding like minded people and just looking to check it out. I am not sure yet that my life needs another app. And if I do find it great what app will it replace? Or will it just further increase the amount of time I spend connected in the online world rather than to the physical world around me? If so is this a good thing?

My story, I am a freelance Marketing professional ( hating the word consultant) but with all my marketing prowess am finding it hard to find an alternative and mum of 3. I work from home with a myriad of small business owners and love what I do. I am looking to be converted, so what are the arguments for getting involved and what will I use it instead of? Btw I love Twitter so that’s not going anywhere!