Things you need to know about US Compliance Requirements

In today’s global economy, it is certainly not unusual for US persons or business entities to have an account outside the US with a foreign bank or other financial institution.

If you…

TOPIC: What are the legal risks of ICOs? Congratulations to Maureen Murat for being selected to attend a panel discussion at the AIM Summit in Abu-Dhabi. She and her fellow panelists will be addressing these issues: What are the legal risks of ICOs? How has recent action by the SEC and CFTC affected the market Which jurisdictions are embracing digital assets? Which are rejecting? Why? Money Laundering AML with Blockchain– Blessing or a Curse Is Distributed Ledger Technology a curse for regulators? or a Blessing? How can Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing be done better with blockchain?

by James Markwood

For cryptocurrency traders, the ability to use like-kind exchange rules to avoid U.S. tax on trades is a bit of a “good news/bad news” story.

FYI — If you read the article and wonder about the reference to the Wizard of Oz, note that the Wizard of Oz story was widely interpreted as having an underlying theme reflecting the currency debate of the time — between the gold standard and paper currency. Not so remote from today’s debates regarding crypto vs. fiat currencies.

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by Joshua Sanderlin

Summary: Since the passage of the Controlled Substances Act in 1970, cannabis has maintained the highest and most stringent classification for a drug in the United States. This restrictive classification was targeted towards specific subgroups of the population in the 1970s and, since then, has caused immeasurable damage to society. Whereas the industry was able to rely on the previous administration’s systematic non-enforcement of federal cannabis prohibition, the current administration is taking a different approach. As cannabis legalization proliferates in the states, the blind adherence to 1970s anti-cannabis dogma places consumer, patients and a multi-billion dollar industry in jeopardy. We will discuss the history of federal cannabis prohibition, the consequences on society, and what is needed to provide certainty to a nascent industry and begin to repair the damage done over the last half century.

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