is the first multichain order book DEX built for the interoperable future!

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Named after the Egyptian Goddess of fertility — is the next generation DEX that has been built to address challenges that are associated with the current DEXs of today. For example, there are growing issues associated with impermanent loss, low throughput, and high slippage. The team at believes that there are improvements that can be made and decided to come up with a derivatives exchange to address these challenges.

By deploying on faster blockchains such as Ethereum Layer-2 networks, is able to provide a smooth and seamless trading experience for traders and maximize capital efficiency for LPs. On top of these, traders and LPs are the only custodians of their own funds while interacting with

To counter the issue of high slippage when using DEXs, has developed a carefully thought-out architecture which would ensure sufficient liquidity for all trading pairs at all times. utilizes an algorithm that optimizes liquidity when placing orders on the order books, thus maintaining minimum spread. This ensures zero slippage while trading, which makes trading more efficient, especially when trading with leverage.

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High throughput and low latency are essential to replicate the best trading experience. By deploying on high performing Layer-2 chains such as Arbitrum and Optimism, is capable of providing a high speed and low transaction fees trading environment for traders.

The Liquidity Mining feature on has been modified and improved with the aim of enhancing LPs’ capital utilization rate. Unlike other DEXs and protocols,’ liquidity mining pools do not go by trading pairs. Instead, the pools are separated by the type of stablecoin that the token is paired with. For example, there is only one pool each for USDC and USDT. This modification allows for LPs’ capital to be more efficiently used, as whenever there is a trade (regardless of trading pairs), the LPs’ funds within range will receive a pro-rata predetermined percentage of the rewards. LPs are incentivized by being rewarded with their native token $SATIS for providing liquidity and enabling minimum spread on all trading pairs. is reshaping decentralized trading and provision of liquidity by addressing the pain points of current DEXs in the market. They started building in 2021 and have already successfully launched their Alpha Testnet in Q1, with over 6,000 unique wallets interacting with it. The Beta Testnet was also launched in Q2 with multi-chain accessibility and further UI/UX improvements.

Their Mainnet is expected to launch in Q3, with even more chains integrated. There are many other features in their roadmap which will further improve user experience and also benefit stakers of the $SATIS token, which will be launching soon.

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