Apps We Love: Steppy Pants

Steppy Pants is the new way we procrastinate in the office! The app,developed by Super Entertainment, has a very simple, yet addictive and fun gameplay. The goal of game is to walk the character through the city, avoiding cars and sidewalk cracks.

The game starts with very simple obstacles, but they become very challenging once you start moving forward.

You’re able to play the game from different perspectives

What we love the most

The thing that we love the most about this game are the graphics. Even though it has an 8-bit graphic style, the game focuses in a lot of details, such as shadows and backgrounds. This makes the game feel very polished and well designed in comparison to other apps that use the same style.

Another element that we love about Steppy Pants are the variations in perspective once you’re playing. Since the characters only moves in a straight line, the change in perspective helps to avoid the feeling of repetitiveness.

If you enjoy simple games that you can play in short sessions, we definitely recommend this you this app.

Download the game:


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