Liberals: Stop The Self-Loathing And Get To Fucking Work
Sarah Lerner

“Call your reps. Go to town hall meetings. Volunteer your time toward social advocacy groups fighting poverty, voter suppression, and regressive reproductive policies, among many other worthy issues. Vote in midterm, state, and local elections. Get your friends involved and keep each other accountable.”

The republicans are the majority in congress and senate. They own the White House now. And you’re saying writing our local senator and helping at food kitchens will make a difference? I’m for change, I support the marches, I support Michael Moore’s efforts, but in the end the best, the very best all of you social change advocates can come up with is

“write your congressman and senator”

Seriously? That’s the revolution? Oh, and,

“get out there and vote!”

Ya think!? You say get your friends involved, they all hate Trump and they voted against him already, so got that checked. Keep each other accountable you say, seriously? Like, on Facebook? Get in arguments with people? Tell me my pretty, when was the last time you saw anyone change their mind? Ever. When? You think Trump supporters are going to like “being held accountable” by Hillary lovers or Bernie supporters?


Give me real change. Real ideas. Not these blind, vacuous rhetoric, recycled ideas that do nothing more than make people feel like they’re helping with change when really they’re just wasting a stamp. Show me the true path to change and I’ll be there.