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“The problem is Facebook, Google, Apple and dozens of other firms that can’t seem to find black people to hire out a population of 45 million.”

I don’t know where you get 45 million from, but it sounds like you think the pool of blacks in the IT/programming/dev realm is equal to that of whites. It’s not. Not when less than 5% of CS grads are black.

Are you afraid of what the black culture has to say about getting into the computer industry? Maybe this one black woman has something to say about it.

“I don’t think that it’s because of the population number, I believe the cause is cultural. I am a rare case. I’m an African-American female and I’m going to college for computer science. I only know two other African-Americans going into this field…Sorry, if you were looking for a profound answer. To be honest, it was completely by chance. I always had a vague idea about what programming was, but I never took an interest in it until I stumbled across a little website called Codeacademy.”

So, she started from ground zero, on her own with Codeacademy.

Here’s another black woman who said,

“Socioeconomic status, lack of rolemodels,lack of awareness. I know the last two from experience. I’m a black female coder and when I was explaining what I wanted to major in most of my family thought that meant I would fix computers for a living. I also hate going to conferences and not seeing others that look like me.”

You don’t have to get a bachelors in computer science these days to land a job in an IT/programming/web development. There are tons of opportunities, many for free online, albeit they can be extremely infuriating to try and learn from, even for a white boy.

So, the opportunity is there. The knowledge is there for the taking. All you have to do is want it bad enough to go get it. So, maybe it’s less an issue of bias in the IT industry and more of an issue of not enough blacks taking advantage of the opportunities that are there for them. Last I saw on codeacademy, codeschool, teamtreehouse, onemonth, and all the other learn-to-code sites there isn’t a sign that says, “no blacks allowed”.

I taught myself most of what I know, I even attended a coding bootcamp because I wanted to learn. Though there was just one black student at the bootcamp, nobody ever treated him differently. We had many TAs who were female, in fact most were female, and one was a lesbian. One TA was a hispanic guy. It was an environment that was inclusive and supportive for everyone.

So, instead of blaming everyone around you, maybe start fucking motivating young blacks to start learning and taking advantage of the opportunities that are in front of them. It’s not easy and I’m definitely nowhere near as bright as the self taught guys who pick things up quickly and easily. But the opportunity is still there.

What have you done to motivate young blacks to get into coding? How many educational websites have you shared with young blacks? Have you ever brought up the idea of code schools, where kids don’t have to go to four years of school and accumulate tens of thousands of debt?

No, looks like you just like to blame society instead of offering help. There’s plenty to gripe about in the coding realm. I’ve done my share, having gotten into multiple online bar fights with the stereotypical IT guy. But it’s never been an issue about race…how can it be when it’s online?

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