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just don’t tell me to don’t be so upset.

Nobody said to not be upset. The issue is about getting emotional when having a discussion. Brother, do you bring your anger everywhere with you? When I do…it eats me alive. I have plenty to hate about. Every. Fucking. Day.

You’re just using the excuse of the expectation to not be emotional when having a discussion and equating that with “they think I shouldn’t be angry”. You’re mistaken brotherman. I don’t care if you’re angry. Fine. Be angry. More people should be angry at the shit that’s going on. It means you’re paying attention (maybe).

But when it comes time to talk and be civil…is it too hard to try and keep your emotions in check? And what happened to your father should never have happened. Are you going to blame all us white folk for it, never letting us live down the evils of our past? Are you holding us accountable for things we have no control over on issues that happened decades ago before we were born? …it sure sounds like it.

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