I’m a verified Twitter user with 11k followers. Here’s why I’m quitting the site.
Kelly Ellis

The internet brings out the worst in people. Anonymity is a catalyst that brings the bottom feeding reptiles to the surface. This is why I deleted my Facebook account and it’s why I never got on Twitter.

Reading through the plethora of bile this troll heaped on you is disturbing. Reading some of the comments to your post is surprising. I don’t know who you are and I assume that 11,000 followers is a big deal, but I’m saddened that this has happened to you and that your attempt to voice your thoughts have been met with the worst the male sex has to offer.

I have nothing to contribute and I don’t know what to say other than…we’re not all like that, your anger is justified (at both this scum and Twitter’s impotent response), and I hope you can move forward without this shit bringing you down.

Fuck them.

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