Micro aggressions are called ‘micro’ for a reason! ;)
One Tongue Johnny

microaggression is the casual degradation of any marginalized group”

Yeah, pretty much everything us white folk do or say can and will be interpreted as a microaggression. I could care less about perceived microaggressions because whenever they’re brought up, it’s due to someone being oversensitive and insisting on bullying others because the person offended insists on forcing the unintended offense into a context that wasn’t degradation.

When a person is being blatantly racist and rude, sure, call them on it. But when a person is speaking in context and is not intending offense and is being real, inquisitive and trying to have dialogue, and ‘microaggression” is thrown out at the drop of a hat…from where I stand, that’s just offensive and the labelling and bullying from PC enforcers should stop.

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