Disappointment, this is a feeling every one of us will experience a thousand times over through the course of our lives. We will disappoint our loved ones and other people and we will equally be disappointed by our loved ones and other people. We can’t escape it so don’t bother trying. We can however make a conscious choice of how we deal with this blight to our existence.
We can choose to work through, work around or work with the results of disappointment or we can let it negatively affect our decisions in life.

For example, we as Nigerians are born with the Original sin of NEPA/PHCN disappointing us in the electricity department. A lot of people in Nigeria cannot remember what the sound of NO-RUNNING GENERATOR feels like.

Recalling my university days, we had a decent supply of Power from the start of semester through mid- semester. But like clockwork which is ironically never disappointing, towards exam period you could liken the scarcity of Electricity to the lack of Water in the Sahara Desert. Two things could happen in this Scenario of disappointment; I could allow the disappointment of Power outage to affect my studies and bag an extra year of disappointment by failing my exams or I could work around the result of this disappointment.
Obviously, since I graduated I chose to work around the Power issue; Study earlier in the semester and revise in the daytime towards Exam period. This is just one example.

In Nigeria, there is a growing consensus that our education system is broken hence we cannot compete with our peers in other counties (AKA we are DUMBER than our peers in other countries).
In school, I often heard to excuse of. “I wasn’t taught well that is why insert the result of the failure here.”.

If you have ever used this excuse, ask yourself that Job you have being dreaming of, do you think there is a “consideration clause” in the company that will permit them to employ because you “Were not taught”?

Life isn’t fair, we don’t choose our parents and we do not choose our children.
If hitting the jackpot was important to me, I couldn’t choose Bill and Melinda Gates as my Parents; I can’t choose the type of child I want either. I can only work with what I have and the family I have been given.
Your loved ones will have short comings, you will have short comings, some of these short comings can be terrible but you must work towards preventing these short-comings from swallowing and corrupting every part of your life.

We should always strive to be a better version of ourselves despite DISAPPOINTMENT because hey, let’s face it, it’s not going anywhere.

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Cogno-Aid provides a quick and secure connection to licensed Therapists.