‘“I am apoplectically mad right now,” Feinstein says.’ that Sanders’ team is getting people registered Democrat, at least for the primary, to push Sanders towards the nomination.

I used to be active with the Green Party when it ran candidates for city council and won. At the presidential election level, I love the values but we’re accomplishing absolutely nothing, not even early movement building, since Nader. I left the Green Party when it became the kind of power-focused place that would get upset and feel like it was being destroyed instead of being overjoyed to see someone as good as Sanders get this close to actually winning. There’s a big lesson to be learned if you dig into the Green Party history since 2000: even tiny political parties with no chance of winning and great values on paper become full of petty politics, it’s just the kind of attitude and people that politics attracts. If the Sanders movement forms some kind of third party, it will be made of human beings and be full of the same struggles. If we gain power, we’ll attract people who want power. We need to seek ways to in-fight less, we need people who aren’t power hungry to pay attention to the boring details whether we stay in the Democratic Party, join the other tiny parties, or start our own. The more time you spend on the forms of power (like having our own “pure” party) the less time to do the real work.