If This Tweet Bothers You, It’s Because You’re A Piece Of Shit
Caitlin Johnstone

I feel like I’m left of 19 people out of 20 and have protested most of the wars we’ve started during my life, but World War II happened in part because of “Peace in Our Times” Chamberlain. This article is insulting people who are not warmongers, and taking a righteous tone that is undeserved (by some of the people advising having a spine when facing Putin). We do have a runaway military-industrial complex in the US. I do not want the US to play brinksmanship. Warnings about appeasement are often — but not always, and I think not this time— overblown. A complete cave-in and sloppy appeasement of Putin is not a path to an easy peace. Obama was not a on a path to nuclear crisis by creating balanced consequences for Putin’s aggression, inadequate but something. Trump is on a path to letting Putin grab too much, and then regrets and overreactions and difficulties putting aggression back in the bottle will follow.

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