The Facts about the Nevada Democratic State Convention on Saturday
NV Dems

This pro-Clinton description begins: “Bernie Sanders had 2,124 delegate slots to the State Convention and Hillary Clinton had 1,722 delegate slots to the State Convention.” It ends: “So Clinton earned 20 pledged delegates and Sanders earned 15 pledged delegates.” What I see trying to read both sides: every time there is a technicality that favors Clinton, it is used; every time a technicality favors Sanders, it is removed. If Sanders can’t get his people to show up at a particular stage or fill out the right paperwork on time, that is to his detriment. At another stage they are more enthusiastic, but that will be declared (perhaps by voice vote) unfair. Step by step it ratchets towards the establishment candidate. Lots of these technicalities are either stupid, or not that hard to meet, depending on your perspective — each decision satisfying partisans it favors, but they are always applied asymmetrically. Enough to turn a 2124–1722 win around into a 15–20 loss. The people willing to do this are going to shatter the Democratic base, in particular lose almost all the young idealists. We won’t get them back.

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